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True Rural Values

Metchosin MAYOR

Mayor John Ranns ~ "During my eight terms as Mayor I have never formally endorsed a candidate, however given how important this election is to our rural future I feel it is necessary to recommend Kyara Kahakauwila as our next Mayor...

Photo taken by Kyara from SeaBluff Trail overlooking Witty's Beach

Why Kyara is running for MAYOR

October 15, 2022

"Metchosin is my home, where I grew up and raised my children. I am driven to preserve Metchosin’s greenspace as CRD communities tackle climate change. As an experienced Council member and a proven leader, I will work with our next Council to develop polices and strategies that strengthen our ability to remain an affordable rural and agricultural community. In collaboration with our councillors, I will promote an inclusive and transparent relationship between Council and residents as we plan and work towards common goals." ~ Kyara Kahakauwila, September 2022

Kyara's parents, Ron & Doris Gulmans
Kyara & Edison's sons, Nahoa & Koa Kahakauwila

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