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What Community Leaders are saying about Kyara

"During my eight terms as Mayor I have never formally endorsed a candidate, however given how important this election is to our rural future I feel it is necessary to recommend Kyara Kahakauwila as our next Mayor.

It should be understood that the duties of a Mayor are far different from those of Council.  The Mayor is ultimately responsible for everything that happens  in the District. There is a significant administrative component to the job which involves working closely with both the CAO and staff.  In addition to providing leadership and mentoring council, the Mayor also represents the external interests of Council and community, which includes media, government and private organizations, negotiations, First Nations,  and the CRD Board.  In short, experience is essential.

Pressures to change  Metchosin often come from provincial and regional initiatives .  With only one vote on an urban dominated CRD Board it is critical that Metchosin’s representative is capable of defending the unique processes that are necessary for rural areas to exist in a one size fits all environment. Kyara, through her years of leadership in a wide variety of regional roles, has earned the trust and respect of many of the Mayors and councillors she will be working with as a Regional Director and our representative to the Province. Her strong debating skills and ability to think on her feet will ensure that our interests are well represented.


In addition,  Kyara has, without exception, demonstrated her commitment to preserving Metchosin as a fiscally sustainable rural community. She conducts herself professionally and cooperatively, always striving to seek  practical and affordable solutions.  She consistently works to unify council and the public while still firmly representing the broad needs of all residents.  She is highly regarded by our staff and, as a business owner who relies on loyal employees, fully understands the need to ensure a safe and respectful workplace in order to ensure quality recruitment and retention in a highly competitive labour market.

I have worked with Kyara for 11 of the 17 years she has served on Council and am confident that she has all the qualifications and attributes necessary as Mayor to create a positive Council environment and ensure a bright rural future for Metchosin."

~ Mayor John Ranns 8-term Mayor incl. 2008-2022, Trustee SD 62 1999-2008, Councillor prior to 1999

I fully endorse Kyara Kahakawuila for Mayor of Metchosin. I have known Kyara for more than 20 years and have had the privilege of serving on Council with her 2005-2008. Kyara is collaborative, thoughtful and brings strong experience and leadership. She will be an excellent Mayor and will ensure that Metchosin remains rural and strong for future generations.

Jo Mitchell former three-term Councillor 2005-2014

"I am endorsing Kyara Kahakauwila for Mayor of Metchosin because I believe that experience is essential to remaining neutral, working with all individuals, groups, and following proper protocols."

~ Larry Tremblay, former two-term Councillor 2008-2014

"In the term I have spent as Council for Sc'ianew I have built many working relationships. None quite like Kyara Kahakauwila and now she is running for Mayor of Metchosin! You have my full support I hope others see your dedication the same way I do! Vote Kyara for Mayor!"

Traci-Lynn Pateman Sc'ianew Council 2019-Present

"Kyara Kahakauwila has a strong grasp of the issues at hand and can be counted on to take the lead in a needed direction and facilitate a discussion.  She is astute, well balanced and always keeps the interests of Metchosin at the forefront."

Lillian Szpak, Langford Councillor 2002-Present, CRD Water Commission Chair 2020-Present

"I have known Kyara for a number of years. Her love of her community and her commitment to Metchosin has always been clear. Kyara has shown great leadership and commitment to youth and her community for the years I have known her in office."

~ Margot Swinburnson RN BSN, Trustee SD 62 1999-2022

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"I need to share this story and thank Kyara profusely for her community service. I posted to the Metchosin! Page on Facebook that my senior mom needed help with meals. Kyara offered to help and not only made, but delivered, amazing healthy dinners to my mama in Metchosin for months. I am forever in her debt for this kindness. Thank you again, Kyara!"

~ Clara and Sharka Nykodym Metchosin Resident

“I remember when I first met Kyara.  She was always sitting behind the counter in the office at Hans Helgesen School on the phone.  I found out she was calling to check in and make sure that an absent child was indeed at home, not missing somewhere.  Sometimes this took 5 minutes, sometimes an hour.  I remember 3 ladies who did this every day, Kyara was one of them. 

Kyara was also part of the PAC at Hans Helgesen, including PAC President, and was always ready to volunteer for PAC/School events and donated gift certificates from her business to the Spring Fair.  LA Limo donated limo service the night of the Spring Fair, giving kids a ride in a limo!!

I personally feel Kyara will do a great job as Mayor of Metchosin by keeping Metchosin real...  Kyara was raised in Metchosin and has also raised her own children here.  She has dedicated 17 years to helping keep Metchosin the district we all love. She has worked beside an incredible Mayor, John Ranns, which I feel is a great asset to have since we will have an almost all new Council after this election.  I know Kyara will be a great advocate for our community within the CRD and her calm approach makes her the best choice to lead our next Council.”

Tammy Cowan Metchosin Resident

What Residents are saying about Kyara

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