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Community Concerns

  • Protecting Metchosin Greenspace

    • Our forests and wildlands provide eco-system services that are essential to the whole Capital Region in the battle to control climate change. I would like to see Metchosin collaborate with other rural communities to safeguard greenspace throughout the region.

  • Taxation & Spending

    • Fiscal responsibility means careful planning to balance services that meet the needs of our residents with the cost of providing them. This could be the most challenging responsibility our new council will face. I am prepared to lead Council through budget deliberations.

  • Bylaw Enforcement

    • Working with Council, staff, community members and the APRM, I led development and adoption of a new Bylaw Enforcement Policy. Next steps are to seek community input on desired service levels and to evaluate cost implications of bylaw enforcement options. 

    Transparency & Accountability

    • Residents are sometimes frustrated when Council is required by law to discuss matters in camera — but there are still some things we can do to make our decision-making more open and accessible. I will initiate less formal Committee of the Whole meetings, in which council members will engage in open public discussion preceding formal decision-making at regular council meetings.

    • I will work with Staff to develop a regular public reporting plan for bylaw enforcement matters.

    Farmers & Agriculture

    • Agriculture is a key element of Metchosin’s identity. Our new council will need to collaborate with our farmers to develop a sustainability plan that will see farmlands preserved, farmers supported and the transition from our veteran farmers to the next generation facilitated.

  • Promoting Volunteerism

    • From the volunteer firefighters who keep us safe to the dedicated volunteers who organize our community events, not only do volunteers help keep costs low, they are the heartbeat of Metchosin. As a long-time volunteer myself, I will collaborate with Council to support and facilitate the work of volunteers.


Photo taken July 2021 during the smoke-filled atmosphere from the fires burning in the interior of BC.

Connect with Kyara to share your concerns and to learn how she plans to collaborate with Council, serving the residents of Metchosin.

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